Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Disability Insurance - Financial Security For Every Lifestage


Disability Insurance - Financial Security For Every Lifestage

As an individual progresses through life, he or she may decide to get married or have children. In that case, you may need financial security for all of your family’s life stages.
Regardless, as life unfolds, your responsibilities and priorities change.
And these changes do not matter to disability insurance. No matter your circumstances, the proper disability insurance offers financial security.

Disability Insurance Is a Major Form of Financial Security

Let’s simply use an example disability insurance’s benefits. Let’s say you are married with one child, and you are the sole breadwinner. At this point in your life, financial security is no longer a luxury, it is a responsibility.
Here are a few of the things you need to financially protect:
You seem to be doing just fine with your current income. You have great health care, life insurance, and car insurance. And you have started to save for your emergency fund, retirement, and your child’s education. All you need to do is work another couple of decades and you and your loved one retire in bliss.
You forgot something. Income protection. Every stage in your life depends upon your ability to earn. And then one day, you can no longer work for at least a year or so. What now? Read More...

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